In October, students were enrolled in October due  to major renovation of the dormitory in 2017. Dormitory is designed for 80 students. Currently, 5e students, including 38 girls and 14 boys. When admitting students to the dormitory accepted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of April 14, 2015, №200, in accordance with the standard of the state service “Dedication to students in technical and vocational education institutions”  Results of rendering of the state service in the organizations of the technical and professional education, passes on the issue of transfer of the hostel according to the standard in the form of the state service, to the address of the head of organization in the dormitory.

     All the girls on the second floor of the dormitory, boys and girls on the third floor. There are two, tree, and four students in the rooms depending on the rules. Each room includes beds, table, chair, wardrobe, bedside table, mirror and linen. Dormitory is provided with new property. Dormitory has 3 tutors, 3 dormitories, 1 guard and dormitory managers. Technical safety, sanitary students registration, student attendance, watch for – duty journals are replenished. Calendars and calendars with tutors and tutors of a dormitory are filed and locked in a timely manner.

October 2019
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