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The future of independent Kazakhstan is not only the task of the College in the education of the younger generation, but also the task of the library located in it. The library is an integral part of the College. Although the new age is the age of the computer age, the library is the place to search for spiritual food for each of us. It expands the horizons of human knowledge. Let us recall the words of Zhusup Balasagun: “Education is the face of the mind.” Therefore, a person who comes to the library, reads fiction, Newspapers, magazines – gets spiritual food, gets acquainted with the events of the world.

The task of every citizen today is to educate an educated generation. And our work is carried out in this direction. Where will young people get knowledge? Of course, their books.  The library is a storehouse of knowledge. Education and upbringing is a single concept and the way to knowledge leads us through the library. Our President said that the XXI century is the century of culture,science and education. Therefore, all changes in society, the transition to an open information space, information society should be reflected in the new directions of functioning of libraries.

The most important purpose of books is to preserve the knowledge accumulated over the centuries and pass it on to the next generations. The main goal of our library is to have more readers, to introduce them to new acquisitions.

All conditions are created for reading of students of our College. The library has computers for students. They have the ability to access the Internet. Perform various creative tasks. Book exhibitions also play an important role.

At the moment, the library Fund has:

  • Total number of books – 27137шт.
  • Textbooks-5657 PCs –
  • Educational books-12056 PCs –
  • E-books – 106 PCs.

Throughout the year, the library hosts various events, exhibitions of books, which they play an important role in the education of the younger generation. The library Fund is annually replenished not only with textbooks, but also electronic textbooks, textbooks on special subjects, additional literature. Evidence of their are tutorials with colorful, vivid illustrations came from the publishing houses “Folio”, “zhazushy”, “school”, “Book”.  This is a great gift for readers, spiritual wealth.

Promoting to readers the world national culture, spiritual value, we use civilized service, we apply new technology in work of library, as the center of information. Our goal is to show the relevance of the library.

November 2019
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